Bright Eyes @ Coachella

On one very hot day in May 2004...

Bright Eyes played at the Coachella Valley Music Festival along with other artists like Radiohead, The Pixies, The Flaming Lips, and The Cure.

Joined by Gretchen from Cursive, Nick from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and god knows who else- Bright Eyes played an equal mix of new unrecorded tracks and old favorites. Their show was one of the best of their entire festival. The amazing thing was that the sound was near perfect. You could hear every word coming out of Conor's mouth, and you could actually follow along with all the new songs. Conor chimed in on America's current political climate by adding to the words of "Don't Know When But A Day is Gonna Come":

...but it's hard to ignore the news reports
they say we must defend ourselves, fight on foreign soil
against the infidels... with the oil wells
god saves gas prices no no I mean
god saves texas family fortunes...

He also played a new song called Road To Joy that made us look at each other with "Holy Fuckin Shit" looks on our faces. It's probably the best song I've heard all year, and it hasn't even been released. Check out the lyrics here.

A few months after Coachella I started hearing about live version of the Pixies and Radiohead sets. I began to start scouring the web for a live version of the Bright Eyes set. After a few days of searching I came across a thread posted on I downloaded the uncompressed audio, and listen to it all. It is literally the best non-professional audio recording of any show I've ever heard.

I am posting these mp3's on the web to share this amazing performance with everyone, especially people who where there on that May day braving the 100 degree weather.

I'd like to thank whoever posted the show on, and the guys at The Feel Good Revolution for the picture I used on the main page. They are both amazing resources that I am eternally grateful.

I dedicated this group of songs to my friend Raum. He was the first person to introduce me to Bright Eyes and summed up the entire weekend in one beautiful IM:

i'm listening to Lua, and Conor says something about the sun going down. At that second I'm overwhelmed by the memory of listening to this amazing song for the first time, a beautiful desert sunset in the background, and I'm with three of my most favorite people on the planet. Thank you for sharing one of the best weekends of my life.

Thanks for coming by

- Abir