March 27th, 2006

Flaming Lips at Bimbos… Now with Video!

Flaming Lips at Bimbos

Originally uploaded by ldandersen.

Yet another guest post (Thanks Buzz). Ever since I was acosted at the Go! Team show, I vowed never to bring my camera back to Bimbo’s. This show was so crazy that they wouldn’t have even noticed. It was just the insane type of show I was expecting from the Flaming Lips at Bimbo’s. They brought enough balloons to fill up the Warfield. The highlight for me was the cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddy Mercury would have been proud.

More pictures after the jump…

Here’s some of other awesome pictures from jamespark.

My new best friend James Park also put up some video clips of the show. Tre cool!

beersy | 3:52 pm | Show at Bimbo's 365 Club

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