October 12th, 2006

Dresden Dolls At Bimbos

Dresden Dolls At Bimbos

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at Bimbos 365 Club in San Francisco, CA on October 12th, 2006.

The Dresden Dolls’s reputation for crazy crazy stage shows is well deserved! There were people walking around in stilts, and lots of people dressed up. The opening band, The Red Paintings, was dressed up in kimonos and kabuki makeup. There were 2 SF groups that performed full routines during certain Dresden Dolls full of acrobatics. There were also people doing live body paintings on stage. The strange dichotomy between the Sufjan show and the Dresden Dolls explifies why I love living in San Francisco.

I’ve decided my new strategy at Bimbos shows is to take pictures of the marquee. This pic comes courtesy of my friend Shadow.

Pictures from my new flickr buddy metaphorge after the jump.

Metaphorge himself…

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